FloorStars Metal Profiles

At FloorStars, we are focussed on providing the trade with quality metal profiles in Unit Sizes and Quantities that are both compatible with E-Logistics and suited to the changing demands of the trade.

Our FloorStars Metal Profile range is by far the most comprehensive in the business, with lower volume profiles available in sensible Mixed Tubes/Boxes and every lower volume profile available in 2.74m & 0.91m width.

  • Tubes – 15 x 2.74m (9ft) lengths (Dropship Minimum 10 Tubes; Bulk Minimum £300)
  • Stickdown Tubes – 10 x 2.7m (9ft) lengths (Dropship Minimum 10 Tubes; Bulk Minimum £300)
  • Boxes – 45 x 0.91m (3ft) lengths (Dropship Single Units allowed; Bulk Minimum £300)
  • Stickdown Boxes – 30 x 0.90m (3ft) lengths (Dropship Single Units allowed; Bulk Minimum £300)
  • Bespoke Boxes – From 1-9 Single lengths 0.91m/0.90m only (Dropship Single Units allowed – priced individually)
  • Delivery – Trade Tubes & Boxes = 72 hours
  • E- Packs Dropship = Next Day

Formats & Sizes


15 x 2.74m
10 x 2.7m (Stickdown)


45 x 0.91m
30 x 0.9m (Stickdown)


Bespoke Boxes from 1-9 Single Lengths





48 hours

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